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Title Services

We offer the following:

  • ​Replacement Title

  • Plates and Registration

  • Purchase a Car Without a Title 

  • Dealership Title Service 

  • Abandoned Vehicle Title 

  • Salvage Vehicle Title

  • Lien Removal 

  • Dealer Services

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Title My Car is an online title company, that helps individuals like you every day.


We know what it's like to go to the DMV, stand in line to only be told they are not able to help you. 

Because we speak the DMV language, we know what DMV wants. Allow us to get it for you!


Whether you have lost a title or purchased a vehicle without a title! We got your back!


Stop going back and forth to the DMV and allow us to work for you!  


Start Your Title Process Today! 


Kenneth, WA

When I first started this process, it was very scary because everything was done either by email or text. But they helped me get my replacement title in no time. They are very sufficient and reliable. Thanks Title My Car!

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