Purchased A Car Without A Title


Before we get started, we want to make sure you fully understand our process. Our job is to find solutions to your title needs. We follow state guidelines. We do not do anything illegal; we work with the state to find the right option for your title needs. Once you sign up for our services you are asking us to work on your behalf. We do not promise or guarantee that we can help you, but we do promise to do the foot work with the state in helping you get a title.


Because you purchased a car without a title. We offer the following options below. 

Bonded title- this is only used if we can't get a title with your state. Not too many states offer bonded titles. And getting a bonded title is really the best option for you because this gives you owner ship of your vehicle. It's the same as a regular title it just has the word bonded written on it. Also understand once you have the bonded title, you may not be able to sell the car to another individual in a different state because some states do not accept bonded titles. 

Locating The Original Owner - We search for the original owner, A lot of the times the original owner will allow us to get the title for them then we turn the title over to you. 


Getting a 3-year registration - There only a few states that allow customers to get a 3-year registration and then after 3 years they will allow you to get a title.

Abandoned Vehicle Process- this is another great way to getting a title but there are only a few states that will allow you do an abandoned vehicle process and may allow you to claim the vehicle. Abandoned vehicle process can be tricky if you don't know your state laws. We can assist you with the abandoned vehicle process. 

We do not recommend buying cars without titles, it's really illegal to do, but we understand your circumstances, and this is why we offer our services to you. 

Our job is to do the work for you, that way you don't have too. If you still would like our assistance, we will be glad to help you. To get started click on the continue button below.