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Clear Free Title

We value our customers, that's why we work so hard in getting you the title you deserve. If you own a car without a title because you never received it from the DMV. That might be because you still have a lien in the DMV system. Even though you paid the car off in full. DMV will not release the title until you show proof that you own the car.


We know how DMV works, we know the questions to ask. Allow us to get the title you deserve. Without that title in your name. You do not own the car regardless of it being parked outside your door. You still need proof that the car belongs to you. Let us help you get your title today!

Here's Some Questions We Get Asked?

Question 1

How do I know a lien has been placed on my car- Majority of the time if you have purchased a car and you are making payments to a bank or individual that you owe money to. If you didn't receive a title once, it's been paid off. Then more than likely there's a lien placed on your car. 

Question 2

I have a title in my hand. But I can't sell the car - Some States will allow the customer to get the title. But on the front of the title, it may show a lien that was never released. Which makes it impossible to sell or re-title the car into someone else's name. Until that lien is released from the individual or business that put the lien on the car. You can't sell the car because you still don't own the car. 

Question 3

Why won't DMV help me - DMV isn't there to help. They are customer service, check out service. If you come with the right documents, they will service you. But if you come with the wrong documents, you may leave empty handed with no answers to how to fix your situation. DMV service 100's to 1000's of people a day. They are not there to give you advice. They have one goal and one goal only and that is process your paperwork.

Question 4

What makes your company different - Our company knows who to contact, what to ask for and how to work with DMV. We don't waste time in getting you a title. The same day you put in your request in is the same day, we start working on it. We take great pride in helping our customers to get what they deserve. That's why we are the #1 online title company. Start releasing the lien off your car today. 

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