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We Offer the Following Services

  • ​Replacement Titles

  • Title Transfers for Individual Sales

  • Auction Vehicle Titles

  • Dealership Titles

  • Salvage Titles

  • Abandoned Vehicle Titles 

  • VIN Reports

  • Online Notary

  • Business Starting

  • Credit Repair

  • Titling Course

Title Services

We offer a variety of vehicle services for your title needs. Because we are an online title company, we are able to handle out of state vehicle titles.

Whether you lost a title or purchased a vehicle without a title. We handle each case differently. Allow us to do the work for you that way you don't have too!

Replacement or Duplicate Title 

If you have lost or misplaced a title, we can assist you in getting a replacement title. Please make sure your name was on the original title and you are not making payments on your car. 

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Reconstructed or Rebuilt Title 

If you need to claim your vehicle as rebuilt due to damages or you took parts from another vehicle to create a new vehicle. We can help you get a title.

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Title Transfer

Purchased a car from and individual sale or from a dealership and you need to transfer ownership. We can help you get the title work done. This option is only used if you have a physical title.

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Email Me My Title Forms

DMV is a hassle to get your title especially if your title paperwork has the wrong information. Allow us to review your title needs and provide you with the right typed up forms and email them to you to take to DMV. Using these services can help you cut down the time it takes to get a title.

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I Purchased A Car Without a Title

You may have purchased or was gifted a vehicle without a title. If you need a title for your vehicle. Let us help you.


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Salvage Title Vehicle

You purchased a Salvage Vehicle, and you need a title in your name. We got you covered. 

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Abandon Vehicle Process 

You have a vehicle you want removed off your property. In some states you might can even can claim the vehicle in your name and take ownership.  

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Download DMV Forms

Do you want the ease of knowing you input the right information on to your title application. Download DMV forms and we will ask you the right questions, to get the right information onto your application.  Don't be turned away for one error on your application. 


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Other Services

Ready to Sell Your Car

Ready to sell your car

Allow us to be a part of your car selling process. We are here to make sure you sell your car the right way.  Learn More!


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Online Notary

We are able to notarize documents using Zoom. We will review your documents using Zoom. 


We are certified through the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

We work with individuals and small to large businesses. 

Get your documents notarized today!


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Business Starting

Ready to start a business, need ideas. We are here to help you from beginning to the end.

We have 10 guides that are in step-by-step order. You will be able to start any small business using these steps. 

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VIN Check Reports

We can provide a VIN Report to allow you to see if there's a lien on the vehicle and more.

With our VIN reports you will be able to save money and time. Order your report today for only $6.99. All reports are emailed to you within 24 hours. 


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Dealer Services 

Need help processing titles. Try out sourcing your titles. We can help you get your car titles, no matter what state. We are ready to accept your title paperwork. Get your title paperwork processed in no time. Save time and money. 

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Title Course Registration

Learn how to process titles. Maybe you want to start your own business, in processing titles or maybe it's just an interest you have. We will teach you how to do it!

Starting March. 1, 2023


Open enrollment will begin February 2, 2023.​

Coming Soon


Kenneth, WA

When I first started this process, it was very scary because everything was done either by email or text. But they helped me get my replacement title in no time. They are very sufficient and reliable. Thanks Title My Car!

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