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Please Read the Disclaimer: 

Title My Car isn't affiliated with Department of Motor Vehicles or any governmental agency, we work as a separate entity. We fully comply with the title and registration law of each and every DMV bureau for all 50 states and D.C.


Our business is based on trust, trust that you provide the original title and trust that we will process your title on your behalf. We don't take any part in stolen vehicles or forgery any or all such illegal activities will not be tolerated and will be handled fully with the DMV and can also result in a lawsuit with Title My Car for which we may be denied you from doing business with us again. 


In the event DMV and or law enforcement personnel determines that a transaction is involved in a scam, theft, or any other deceitful act will result in any and all title and registration documentation and or monies to be confiscated and or turned over to DMV agents and or law enforcement. In the event this happens THE CLIENT in question will forfeit any funds or refunds to DMV, Law Enforcement or Title My Car. Any money may or may not be given back to the client or clients involved in illegal activities. 


Any lawsuits that require Title My Car to attend court, The client in question may be sued and must pay any restitution and lawyers' fees that occur to Title My Car. When it comes to legal issues, we do not represent the client in any way. We only represent Title My Car as a business or entity. 

How we access fees to title and register vehicles. For each State DMV, pricing is different when it comes to titling and registering vehicles. Fees are not accessed until after we receive your paperwork and it will be based off of the Sales and Use Tax, Title Fee and Registration Fee and any other DMV fees, plus our processing fee which range from $60 on up depending on the service or services we are handling for each individual client. Any All fees must be paid either in advance or prior to us sending completed title work to the customer. We will communicate through email and by phone. Once all fees have been calculated you will receive two different invoices, the first invoice will be fees that you will have to pay up front that will include the DMV fees, the second invoice is the Title My Car processing fee which you will need to pay to get your paperwork back. If we do not receive our processing fee, we will not be able to give you, your title paperwork until the fees have been collected. 

All fees can be paid by debit or with credit card, we do not accept checks or money orders.

Limited Power of Attorney: Limited Power of Attorney (Limited POA Form) allows Title My Car as business to sign documents on your behalf. We only sign documents to be able to process your title work through the DMV successfully. 

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